Info Connectivity System

Traveling to and from airports in Europe can be an unpleasant experience; passengers face issues in different transfer procedures, information deficit and language barriers. This results in a poor travel experience full of stress, unnecessary mistakes, effort, and expense. We believe that this should be improved.

Over the past years we collaborated in a European cooperation that aims to create a seamless air travel experience for passengers to Europe. As a result of research on four European airports we created the concept of the “Info Connectivity System”: a one-stop-shop for all travel information.


We did a lot of research in how people travel trough airports. We converted these insights in persona's and passenger journeys


The research resulted in the Info Connectivity System (ICS): A one-stop-shop that provides passengers with all relevant travel information at the right time, and in the right context and language. The ICS integrates existing travel information from multiple sources — like mobility service providers and airport operators — and enriches the available data where possible.

Before Departure

In Flight

In Transit after landing

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