For International Card Services I worked on reinvisioning their online (self)-service portals and applications. I did this with close collaboration with the internal stakeholders we did a restructuring of the website and made sure that the components we designed could be used in both mobile applications as their web portal.

The challange

International Card Services wanted to embed digital solutions in a more meaningfull way into their business stratagy. To achieve this goal we had to optimize certain processes within the organisation. These optimalizations where; the time to market for their digital solutions, more focus in the content and optimizing the customer (self)service.

Customer Service

For the customer service page we re-categorized all questions. Structering it so that we can only go one level deep. This makes the subjects easy to browse trough and get an answer on their question. When the user can't find it he can either search or call the customer service

Transaction overview

The transaction pages are the most imporant for the user. Its where he has an overview of his transactions and the ability to pay his bills. He can also upgrade his card with a higher limit.

The Result

This approuch resulted in an extensive component library where reusabilty is key. This helps ICS greatly reduce their time to market and can release more orften product updates. To help the skateholders with the first soltions we made different example variations for different touchpoints. This approach empowered the internal organisation to sketch and build new solutions with existing components in mind. Achieving a way of working where different stakeholders can learn from eachother

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