After the initial app design in 2009 the landscape of winestein products has radicly been changed. With new feutures, new apps and touchpoints. At Edenspiekermann I redesigned the app to realize a better fit to the market and customer.

Wine pairing animations

Wine-food pairing can be difficult. There are a lot of variables that need to be calculated. This can take some time. By making nice animations we give the user feed forward and an impression of what's happening.

Dish details

Because there is no database in the app with all images of dishes I used icons of the main ingredient of an dish. Underneath is the list of all the ingredients and an visual repesentation of the quantities used. To show the taste profile of a dish we used circles wich will be bigger or smaller maching the 'taste DNA' found in the dish.

Wine details

We wanted to create a wine detail page where the user can get the most importent information in a glance. This information are the maching scores, how to serve and the origin of the wine. Just as with the dish images we don't have images of all the wine bottles in the database. For this reason we choose the origin on a map as main visual for the detail page.

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